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Innovative packaging for Marisol’s superior sea salts

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Marisol® launches two salt varieties in new zip-lock pouches for the price conscious gourmet

OLHÃO, Algarve, Portugal, 14 March 2013 – Marisol® natural sea salt company will launch new zip-lock plastic pouches for its Flor de Sal (200g) and Sal Tradicional (500g) salts at Alimentaria international food fair Lisbon, from Sunday, April 14 through to Wednesday, April 17, 2013.

To help gourmet conscious consumers to purchase high quality, natural sea salt while managing household finances, Marisol has reduced packaging costs and introduced two new varieties to its retail product range. The new packaging sizes – a 200g Flor de Sal plastic pouch and a 500g Sal Tradicional plastic pouch – make the product more accessible, particularly to smaller households.

Doy-pack preserves artisanal qualities
In addition to improving affordability, the resealable doy-packs help to preserve the natural qualities of Marisol’s hand-harvested Atlantic sea salts. The plastic pouches, incorporating Marisol’s new corporate identity, can be stood upright for tidy storage or for ease of use in the kitchen. The new corporate identity is being implemented across all product packaging, company literature and promotional material, and is in response to Marisol’s steady growth over the past 12 years.

Consumer-focused packaging
Transparent sections of the new packaging design allow consumers to see the delicate natural flakes of Marisol’s Flor de Sal crystals and the natural whiteness of Marisol’s Sal Tradicional. The Flor de Sal flakes are carefully skimmed from the brine’s surface by hand during the salt season, and are ideal for seasoning and finishing touches. Sal Tradicional is hand raked from the clay bottoms of saltpans and can be used as a kitchen salt for all culinary purposes.
The combined PET/PE primary packaging for the new retail products is lightweight and sturdy – and meets EU packaging regulations for food safety and handling.

Marisol® Flor de Sal 200g doy-pack (PET/PE zip lock pouch) 18pc (catalogue number 3050)
Marisol® Sal Tradicional milled 500g doy-pack (PET/PE zip lock pouch) 24pc (catalogue number 2603)

Innovative processing preserves the qualities of superior sea salt
Marisol® sea salts are produced in accordance with Certiplanet’s strict standards on traditional salt gathering and comply with kosher and organic standards set by Natural Food Certifiers, USA. After harvest, the raw salt is carefully processed in the custom-made, semi-automatic transformation line for artisanal salt: the salt is cleaned by hand to remove impurities and then carefully packed in accordance to HACCP standards. Sal Tradicional is milled to a medium grain size. Marisol guarantees the highest food quality and safety standards with the international certifications, ISO 22000 and IFS Food.
Marisol, working in partnership with certified artisan saltpan producers, is committed to providing completely natural sea salts of superior quality, using sustainable methods. All salt is harvested by hand, dried naturally in the sun, and manually cleaned. No artificial processing or additives are used. The sea salts are harvested from saltpans in the protected nature reserves of the Ria Formosa and Sapal de Castro Marim on southern Portugal’s Atlantic coast.

Böer & Siebert Lda (‘Marisol’)
The Portuguese company owns the trademarks Marisol® and Flos Salis® and produces natural sea salts for wholesalers, major supermarkets, and specialist retailers all over the world. Export countries include amongst others, the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, USA, Canada, Australia and Japan. The company also produces bespoke packages for own label brands, food manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies.
Founded in 2000, the company works in partnership with traditional salt producers in the protected nature reserves of southern Portugal’s Atlantic coast. Böer & Siebert Lda (‘Marisol’) stands for the sustainable production of unprocessed, natural sea salt and is committed to verifiable quality, a transparent supply chain, and fair business partnerships.

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