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Marisol sea salts originate in the traditional salt pans on the Atlantic coast of the Eastern Algarve, nestled within the natural estuaries of the protected nature reserves of Ria Formosa and Sapal do Castro Marim. Sculpted by tide and craftsmanship, it is in these salt marshes that skilled artisans practice the traditional art of salt gathering, based on gravity and manual techniques already applied by the Romans 2000 years ago. The sustainably managed ponds, where seawater evaporates into brine, are also a sanctuary for biodiversity with a typical saltwater flora and fauna including flamingos and many other waterbirds. Traditional salt pan production thus contributes to the conservation of the Algarve's ecologically important estuaries and the Atlantic coastline.


Salt is produced from June to September. The hot and dry climate of the Algarve renders artificial heating unnecessary: Seawater evaporates naturally by the sun and wind. From the evaporation ponds, the brine flows through the force of gravity into small crystallizers. The glistening layer floating on the surface is Flor de Sal, the flower of salt. Its light and delicate crystal are skimmed off daily before they gain weight and sink to the bottom of the pans. From there, Sal Tradicional is gathered with wooden rakes, three to five times during the productive season. Relying on artisanal methods is not a nostalgic approach: it allows for a truly sustainable salt production, reducing the ecological footprint and generating qualified jobs in a region dominated by tourism.


Both Marisol® Flor de Sal and Sal Tradicional are left to dry naturally in the sun before they are transported to our premises. There, the salts undergo tender treatment, consisting in manual picking of impurities, metal detection and, for traditional salt, gentle crushing to coarse, medium or fine grade. No other processing steps nor any additives are applied. The salts are carefully packed by hand by our dedicated team, in compliance with HACCP rules and IFS criteria for food quality and safety. In addition, we are committed to our kosher and organic certification standards also for the post-harvest processing and aim at reducing plastic waste through our reusable Flos Salis® crocks and by gradually adopting plastic-free packaging for our Marisol® retail salt packages.


Their artisanal production infuses Marisol® sea salts with a rich array of minerals including calcium, potassium and magnesium. Combined with a typical moisture and texture, this composition makes for the exceptional taste that characterises our sea salts and stands in stark contrast to table salt and other processed salts.

Our Sal Tradicional is your everyday companion for culinary endeavours, lending a rich taste to cooked meals. Our Flor de Sal adds a savoury touch to any prepared dish, releasing the food's natural taste. And our premium Flos Salis® selection is best relished at the table: Crumble the flakes between the fingers before sprinkling them over your dish. They will melt on the tongue like snowflakes and bring a subtle yet delicate flavour to your meal.

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