How to buy

Discover the taste and texture of Marisol® sea salts sustainably produced on the south coast of Portugal and certified organic,artisanal and kosher. Here's how to buy ...

Retailers & Resellers

Ankorstore - This store ships orders within the EU. UK shipments on request. To obtain your retailer account, simply send your request to be invited using the contact form.

Final Consumers

Etsy - Created in 2005, this store ships orders within the EU, plus Norway and Switzerland. An account is required but this can be created at checkout when ordering your Marisol® products.

Bulk Buyers

Marisol - For bulk orders please contact us using our contact form. Don't forget to include details of your requirement and one of our sales representatives will contact you by return.

Marisol® sea salts

Our sea salts retain a rich spectrum of essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium which contribute to their unique flavour profile.

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