Chefs using our salt

Hans Neuner

Two Michelin Star Chef at Algarve’s Vila Vita Parc Ocean Restaurant, Portugal - "We create dishes using fresh ingredients and Marisol Flor de Sal is a truly natural flavour enhancer."

Masayoshi Nishikawa

Two Michelin Star Chef at Kyoto’s Gion Nishikawa restaurant, Japan- "We hold Marisol Flor de Sal in high esteem and use it a lot for fish, in particular tuna, for instance when preparing Bonito."

Hisao Nakahigashi

Two Michelin Star Chef at Kyoto’s renowned Kaiseki restaurant Soujiki Nakahigashi, Japan - "We greatly appreciate the Umami flavour of this salt, especially for vegetables and fish."

Ron Silver

Founder and Chef at Bubby's Restaurants, USA & Japan - "Marisol Sal Tradicional just tastes great and it makes our food taste great. The texture and salinity are far superior to commercial salt."

Eric Pateman

President Sea to Sky Seasonings Inc., Vancouver BC, Canada - "Sea to Sky Seasonings has chosen to use Marisol’s hand harvested sea salt as the base ingredient for our Amola Salts line. and still does for over a decade now."

Nils Henkel

Pure Nature, ex-Three Michelin Star Chef at Restaurant Bootshaus, Bingen am Rhein, Germany - "Marisol’s Flor de Sal adds the perfect finishing touch to many of our creations. I love how easily the salt flakes crumble."

Jacob Sigsgaard

Chef and Owner, Gourmet Engros, Vejle, Denmark - "We are a proud distributor of Marisol Sea Salt since 2014. The texture and the high quality of this pure, natural product is why we always choose Marisol."

Marisol® sea salts

Our sea salts retain a rich spectrum of essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium, which contribute to their unique flavour profile. Now that you've seen what our chefs have to say, why not "Get inspired"?

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