Flor de Sal

The cream of the crop, Marisol Flor de Sal, flower of sea salt, is the thin, glistening layer of salt flake crystals that forms at the surface of the traditional saltpans.

How to use it

With its slight sweetness, Flor de Sal brings a special taste to all prepared dishes. Use it in the kitchen or at the table for seasoning dishes and finishing touches. The delicate crystals dissolve quickly and melt on the tongue.

How to store it

Flor de Sal should be stored in a way that keeps its natural moisture, the so-called ‘mother liquor’. This preserves minerals and essential elements contained in the natural sea salt such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

Artisan salt production

How Flor de Sal is harvested

Chemical composition

Tested on a regular basis, Flor de Sal is free of toxic substances such as heavy metals, nitrates and pesticides.

Typical analytical values:

Sodium Chloride (NaCl)

97 % (in dry matter)


6.5 %

Calcium (Ca)

0.1 %

Magnesium (Mg)

0.4 %

Potassium (K)

0.2 %

Iron (Fe)

5 mg/kg


< 0.02 %

pH 8.5

Detailed results available on request