Marisol Organic Sea Salt – Our History

2000   Founded in Tavira, East Algarve, Portugal
2003   Award winning The Algarve Fish Book published in German
2004   European trademarks registered for Marisol® and Flos Salis®
2005   English edition of The Algarve Fish Book published
2006   Limited company, Böer & Siebert Lda, formed
Since 2006   Certiplanet and Kosher Apple K certifications, annually renewed
2008   New head office and warehouse in Olhão, East Algarve
2011   New salt processing line and HACCP food safety system implemented
2013   New corporate identity, packaging designs and website
Since 2013   IFS Food certification (higher level), annually renewed
2014   International trademarks Marisol® and Flos Salis®
2018   Enlargement of production and new head office in Olhão, East Algarve
2022   Organic certification by Certiplanet (PT-BIO-04)

Marisol salt artisan at work

Tribute to Hans-Nico Böer

Nico BoerIt was with an argument that I first met Nico, when my family and I planned a stay at his house in the late summer of 1990. Nothing big, just about our stupid idea of wanting accommodation out of the blue in high season; however, and those who knew him will recognise this, my initial irritation soon turned into a deep and life-long friendship with a remarkable man in all respects.

Nico, who lived in the Algarve since 1977, bore the certain blink of geniality that makes someone a charismatic person. Most outstanding among his many talents, for sure, was his spirit of entrepreneurship, with a dash of audacity and a sprinkle of irony, which convinced me 11 years ago to start the business with him that is now Marisol.

Previously, Nico had created a surf school and a company for his windsurfing boards; worked in real estate; and as a writer, always impassioned by the chosen subject, be it local fishing tradition (resulting in the well-known “Algarve Fish Book”) or lately, his passion for good food. It may be a twist of fate that Nico passed away in his kitchen, the place he loved to be most, and it should comfort us that his passing resembles his life as a whole: fast, intense, but without suffering.

Andrea Siebert

Hans-Nico Böer, born 2 November 1951, died 22 August 2011